Joguines Grapat

12 Nins


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A beautiful set wooden toys which can be used as a symbolic play, to create stories and small worlds. Combined with other elements, they can create miniature worlds limited only by children's imaginations. These Grapat Nins are beautifully handcrafted and stained with wonderful rainbow colours using natural wood and water-based stain. 

Product Dimensions: 6cm tall
For ages 12 months+ 

Grapat is a family-run company from Spain that provides material without instructions, Open-ended and favors free and autonomous play. Their only premise is to let children play, slowly, without time limits. They suggest material that encourages, invites and stimulates the creation of several fantastic, realistic and invented little worlds. It is made following traditional processes, in the old way, with thick soft raw materials, natural dyes which let the wood veins be seen and vibrant coloured waxes and oils that slightly shine. The products are painted by hand, homemade, surrounded by land, fire, rivers and many children nearby, who inspire them daily.

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