As parents, we are constantly offered so many choices when it comes to toys. Toys that claim to be educational, entertaining or just trendy. We can easily end up feeling overwhelmed and buy our children more toys, simply out of love, which can very quickly turn into clutter in our lives.

Born out of a curiosity to do things differently, we curate only the essential toys that nurture the whole child and encourage creativity. We like to think our toys are much more than just a toy. They are vessels to communicate the meaning and values that go deeper than words. Everything we do is rooted in our philosophy of fewer, better with the intention to inspire positive change. So we are sharing our family's experiences, where toys are simpler, items are fewer and imaginations are greater.

Our Values
At The Modern Playroom, we stand by the following values:

Simplicity. We focus on simple beautiful toys that also double as décor. Our collection of classics and contemporary designs will complement any play space. 

Quality. We believe our kids are better off with fewer toys if they are well chosen and well made. This is reflected in our curation of open-ended, gender neutral and timeless designs.

Sustainability. We love that every toy has its own unique story. They are made with love and ethically by artisans who share our values. 

Above all, we want our customers (young and old) to love what they buy, love how it's made and love what they can create.