Hello, we're Jen & Chris, the creators of The Modern Playroom.
Our first child, William, was born in 2014. As first-time parents, we focused on our baby's basic needs of feeding, sleeping, and cuddling. Our second child, Ethan was born in 2016. By then, we thought we were pretty much experts on babies bodies, but wanted to focus more on their minds.
Sir Ken Robinson's views on education really inspired us. We were curious how we could inspire creativity in our kids and nurture their interests. There were no easy answers, so we turned to books and research. Whether it was neuroscience, psychology or early childhood philosophies, our biggest takeaway was that through free play, driven by their innate curiosity, children learn about the world and their place within it.  
From there, we created the concept of play elements, a way to think about play holistically, taking the best from all that we learnt. The essential play under five's should experience to develop into well rounded little people.
Finally, our third and last child, The Modern Playroom, was born in 2018. It's our way of sharing our ideas on designing a creative childhood. Our everyday play is the catalyst for our curation and we hope you can recognise this aesthetics as your own. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you can find some inspirations here for your little one's play.