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For most children, flying through the air on a swing is the best fun there is. Let the kids play, swing high or low, twist and turn to develop their motor skills, strength and balance. 

Lillagunga Bone is the newest member of the Lillagunga family, a smart version of the classic wooden trapeze. It follows our prominent visual identity and well-known features from our rings and swings: safe, durable, easily adjustable and unmatched in style. This product is primarily targeted for children, but suits adults as well. Lillagunga Bone comes pre-assembled and ready for use.

The Lillagunga Bone is designed and manufactured in Finland.

Please note: This is a drop-ship item and fulfilment of this product takes approximately 2-3 weeks

Rope length to room height guide:

3.2m suits 2.0 - 2.8m room
4.2m suits 2.8 - 3.8m room
5.2m suits 3.8 - 4.8m room

Size: 54.4cm x 2.8cm
Material: Birch or oak, polypropylene
Age: 3 years and above (max weight 90 kg)
Included: manual, wooden bone, two rope locks, two swivels and two ropes.

Download manual

*Curl Hooks are sold as a separate item*
High-quality Curl Hooks in stainless steel is an accessory intended for hanging up your swing or rings in ceilings made of wood or concrete. The package includes plugs for concrete ceilings. 

Material: Stainless steel
Hook size: 120mm x 8,5mm (diameter)
Capacity: Max. capacity 120 kg
Drill hole: Wood 7mm, Depth 55-60 mm, 
Concrete: 12mm, Depth 60-65 mm
Distance between drill holes: ~56.5cm
Included: 2x curl hooks, 2x plugs

For wood ceilings use the hooks as they are, for concrete ceilings use the plugs. Ensure that the hooks are tightly attached. The threads must be fully recessed in the ceiling. Test before use.

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