St Martin 5 Piece Set

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The story of St. Martin, who was helping a fellow man in trouble, is deeply perceived by children's hearts. It helps to unfold the powers of empathy and magnanimity within them.

This set includes St. Martin with Sword + Coat, Horse, Beggar. Packed in a wooden box with a sliding plexi-glass lid.

St Martin with Sword + Coat - Height 17 cm

Horse for St Martin - Height 15 cm

Beggar- Height 11cm

Ostheimer are beautiful handcrafted wooden figures individually carved and painted by, giving every figure a unique character. These timeless wooden toys for children are then dipped in all-natural walnut oil, giving them a soft and tactile finish that's pleasing to hold. Made from native German hardwoods such as maple, elm and ash.

Treated with non-toxic walnut oil or shellac finish. 

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