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Tanabata Wooden Stars Dominoes


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Tanabata Star Dominoes from the popular Kiko+ & gg* range.

It's written in the stars! Create your own destiny with these beautiful star dominos - line them all up and be sure to make a wish as they zoooom along like a shooting star! 100 stars means you also can really make an impact by turning your bedroom into a twinkling night sky.

Japanese brand kiko+ & gg* creates wonderful tactile wooden toys. Toys to help kids use their imaginations and enjoy every moment of play. A special moment of magic is what they hope to create. Like the spark in a kid’s eye when they show their family the toys they are playing with. The look of happiness on everyone’s faces when sharing in this moment of joy is what they want to cherish. All of the products have soft muted colours that show the natural grain of the wood. 

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